Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Simple Everyday Spells: Abundance, Protection, Meditation & Business

Watched this movie for the first time with my daughter the other day. It's one of my all time favorites!

It's been a while since I have posted here.. life is so busy with the breath of spring taunting us with the reminders of all we must clean and prepare. From here on out, there will rarely be a day we are not covered in soil and sweat!

But today, I woke with the intention of taking the time to share at least a few simple spells. The effectiveness of the spells depends on your need. Remember, in order to conduct a spell, you need the tools (your brain is enough!), the knowledge (your intuition!), and the need. The need means you must really be in NEED - you must really FEEL the emotion of the need. So, crying, laughing, filling with anger.... whatever helps you feel most connected to that need, feel it! THAT will ensure great results. Furthermore, please adjust any spell to your liking. Making it your own will make you more comfortable, which will also enhance the spell.

Simple Spells:

Add as much fresh basil, parsley and alfalfa to a warm bath as you'd like. This is for clarity and balance. Also place petals from a red flower in the bath. Rose is best. This is for passion and determination. Light a red candle too, if you would like. Visualize abundance in your life... whatever that means to you. See it happen in your mind's eye. Know it to be true. Feel the emotion of what it is like to be true. Stay there as long as you would like.

With a red ribbon, tie a bunch of garlic to the corner by your front door. It will protect you and your loved ones from negative vibes that may enter your house. Visualize a protective light around the perimeter of your door. Never use that garlic for anything else.

Light 2 altar candles on any day of the week. Burn frankincense or sandalwood incense. To open your 3rd eye, continue by lighting 2 purple candles. In the middle of them, place a Lapis Lazuli Crystal that has been cleansed with lavender essential oil and consecrated in the incense. Visualize your 3rd eye opening. Start your meditation as usual.

Light 2 blue altar candles just before the full moon or on the full moon, visualizing your business and what it needs. Burn 3 drops of essential oil in your oil burner. Light frankincense or sandalwood incense for focus. With your business in your mind's eye, light a tall green candle. (One you can burn each day of the week). Allow to burn for 30 min each day of the week for 7 days. Repeating all steps mentioned. Repeat this anytime things slow down, or when you feel your business needs a little push.

Blessed Be, and endless bright blessings to you all!

With Love,