It is important to note a few things before taking any of my advice.

 - I am not a nutritionist. 
 - I am not an aromatherapist.
 - I am not a naturo-path or doctor. 
 - I am not a psychiatrist. 
 - All information given is for entertainment purposes only (meaning, do with it as you will, on your own accord. What you do with information given here or on any of the social outlets of The Natural Witch is completely your decision and I relinquish all liability.)

Any and all of my spells, recipes, remedies, and more, have all come from my own personal journals of experiences and tried-and-true methods for myself and my family. 

Please consult your physician, naturopath, mentors, or whomever you put your trust in, before trying anything from this page, or anything from the social outlets of The Natural Witch. 

Further, any and all suggestions, insights, perspectives, advice, visions, coaching, etc. given by comment, personal email, blog post, or through tarot readings and/or life coaching, is for entertainment purposes only. 

My offerings of information are only backed by my years of experience (in this life and all lives lived before), as well as gathered wisdom from years of research, and my own trials and errors. 

Take any and all information given here at your own risk, and take full responsibility for what you do with that information. 

This site was created with the intent of giving support and sharing what has worked in the life of my family. 

I only hope to make at least a small, positive impression in your hearts. <3 

Peace, Love and Endless Flowing Light~ 

~MoonsWay )O(

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