Natural Witches

What is a "Natural Witch"? 

One who naturally draws upon the earth, the elements, and ones own inner power, and can do so with the naturalist of tools, or maybe no props at all, other than the earth Herself, and the naturally created tools she provides us. Such as rocks, soil, water, and trees... Natural Witches most certainly talk to the trees. And the Moon. And animals. We talk to all things living. 

We feel the power and presence of the Gods in all living things, and all of those things are sacred. 

There is nothing elaborate about being a Natural Witch.

For me personally, magick is more simple most of the time, rather than made up of formal rituals and rites, and is simply made up of the power of thought, meditation and visualization. It's all in the focus and the power of intuition. Although, rites are indeed played out for the festivities of the moment, if I feel so inclined. Even still, it is mostly driven from my intuition and what feels right for the moment.

Some basic characteristics of a Natural Witch are (but certainly not limited to the following):
Living a natural lifestyle; recycling, making your own household and toiletry supplies, eating organic, mixing your own natural remedies for common colds and ailments, growing a garden (especially an herb garden), naturally drawn to & in-tune with nature. Can seemingly predict the future sometimes (or all the time), can focus on a need and find that the Universe answers your need... (ex. financial needs, material needs... like a bed for your child, shelter... ) You are sensitive to your surroundings (even from a very young age) and have a heightened, intuitive sensitivity to energy levels and mood shifts, mannerisms & body languages, and to what may easily go unnoticed by others. Can feel the coming of the Full Moon. You sometimes have dreams or visions (and these "visions", aka the Sixth Sense or Third Eye, are sometimes even just strong, intuitive, gut feelings..) that manifest and come true. You have history of witches in your family tree. You have had a since of 'Knowing' since being a young child - as if knowledge of the ages has been passed down to you... You have been referred as an Old Soul by those who know you,.. and the list goes on.. 

To be quite clear, even if you have not come to this path until later on in life, does not mean that you are not a 'Natural Witch'. It simply means it has taken your soul up until that point to find your calling. And, that OK. We all travel this life in our way, in our own time. 

Whether you are just now finding your path, or have been walking your path for a while now... Whether you walk alone as a Solitary or have those who walk with you... 

*~*~*~* WELCOME ~*~*~*

How does one become a Witch?

Anyone can "become" a Witch. Anyone can study up on ancient texts, become well versed in culture and history, and some even get degrees from schools & colleges of witchcraft, or become a part of a coven. To me, the simple urge, desire and yearn for knowledge pays homage to the Witch somewhere inside of you trying to find a way to come to the surface. 

But, as I stated above, even someone who works with the elements of the earth, with herbs or naturally gives reverence to nature.. is to me, a Natural Witch. And all you have left to do now is realize that you are a Natural Witch, and build your strength internally and intuitively, by practicing meditation and finding a way to connect with your spiritual side at least a couple of times a day, until it becomes second nature and you naturally see your intentions setting into motion and materializing in certain ways. 

Some of us have had this feeling of 'Knowing', and feel a sort of natural understanding of the world and of life, even since a very young age. Some of us have even "practiced" magick long before ever knowing anything of Witchcraft, or of any traditional methods of magick. 

This is your 'old soul', using what it has known for so long, from lifetimes before, long before you ever read your first book or article on the occult or anything of the like. 

Then there are some of us may just now be finding a connection and relation to paganism, witchcraft, the Cosmos, or may simply recognize the power of intentional & focused thought and symbolism, and are just now starting to refer to ourselves as a Witch (even if these thoughts & feelings are still in the closet!). 

My Advice to anyone just starting on their path.... 

Read- Read books on herbal-ism, natural medicine, spells, native American Spirituality, Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism,  - Anything that sparks your interest. I feel that spirituality is very personal and we can all find our way by gathering information from many different aspects and religions. 
Talk- Find people you can relate to, either on the internet or in your local community. My hope is that this page, The Natural Witch, will become that kind of community over time. 

A Witch never stops learning!!! Even the Crone learns something each day that brings light to her path... 

We are all Brothers and Sisters.

We are all spiritual beings, having a human experience. 

Come together, One and All! 

Let's build a community where we can learn, grow and build one another up and help one another realize our true potential, right here at The Natural Witch

By way of sharing, giving and providing support in our community here at The Natural Witch, we have the potential to inspire, uplift and encourage the awakenings of countless others, all while growing our own individual, innate power!

*~*~*~* WELCOME! Bright Blessings to All who comes across this community. ~*~*~*

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  1. Wow, I sm speechless, it's as if you have reached into my mind and peeked at all my innermost thoughts and feelings and memories from childhood and even at my innermost reasons for walking this path. We are connected through this journey and it has led me right up to you. I wish I could hug you!