Magickal Correspondences for Moon Phases

Magickal Correspondences for Moon Phases: 

Waning Moon (decreasing in size from Full Moon) = to push things away from you. 
This is the time for spells that banish, release or reverse. This is the time to break bad habits, and to end relationships that no longer serve you. A time for deep intuition and divination. 
The Waning Moon period lasts about 14 days. 

Waxing Moon (increasing in size from New/Dark Moon) = to bring things to you.
This is a time for spells that attract. A time for spells of good luck, new beginnings, spells for love, spells for growth, and for positive changes in your life. A time to conceptualize new ideas, business decisions; a time to invoke.
The Waxing Moon period lasts for about 14 days.

Full Moon (fully visible in the sky) = to strengthen your power.
This is a time for spells that transform, spells to strengthen your power, a time to refuel & for major workings to occur. A time to increase psychic ability; spells for love, fertility and awareness.
The period for the Full Moon lasts about 3 days prior and after the full moon. 

New/Dark Moon (in between the Earth & Sun, completely hidden) = to bring new beginnings
This is the time for spells of new beginnings, new undertakings, new ways of living, new business decisions. A time to be reborn.

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