Methods of the Concoctions of Witchcraft

Potions: Spells in liquid form
Elixirs:  Sweet flavored liquid to cure ills & ailments
Infusion: Herbs steeped like tea, but not consumable
Tinctures: Scented liquids , Ethyl-alcohol based &  infused with dry plant materials
Salve / Balm: Healing paste/ointment laced or infused with herbs & oils
Essential Oils: Magical oils derived from plants
Poultice: A soft, moist, medicated mass that is heated and medicated by use of herbs to relieve aches, pains & inflammation
Smudge Stick:  A bundle of dried herbs, bound with string or twine, that is burned and then blown out; the smoke is used for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification

Incense: An aromatic gum of resin that produces a sweet, and usually earthy odor when burned; used to enhance a mood, psychic awareness, to cleanse, for focus in rites, to bless & consecrate, etc.

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