Friday, February 6, 2015

Spiritual Union - A Poem by Moonsway

The night rolls in
Like waves in the clouds
Sparkling out loud
With twinkling whispers
And peaks of silver linings
Only dusted by our thoughts.
Naked branches
As we lie at their roots
Swallowed in the comfort of their home
Undone from what we knew
Fading into the ground,
Our voices cry out
Singing with the night.
Our tongues are the flight of our dreams
And wind carries them through the night
To the land that is yet to be seen.
Shadows - they beckon us
Stepping onto the breeze
Swirling up with the leaves...
And we dance there
In the space in-between.
Your lips drip the dew
From the soft blades that grow below us
As we fall upon each other
Covered in earth
Drunk in her welcoming embrace.
And the creatures we call walk curiously toward us
As the birds begin to sing.
And the once silvery, glistened sky
Becomes brighter once more
From the fire that's inside...
And we shall never die.

Author: Moonsway, The Natural Witch

What do you think of this poem?
What are your thoughts, or interpretations?

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