Friday, November 7, 2014

Tarot Results for 11/6/2014 - Strength, The Star, Eight of Cups

Sometimes on The Natural Witch Facebook Page, I offer 3 cards for everyone to choose from and post the results the next day. 

The decision to do so usually comes to me in a wave of energy after I have done my daily morning reading and meditation, and I get an overwhelming feeling to give the gift of insight and perspective with my cards.

Here are the results for yesterday's reading, 11/6/2014.

The following cards speak of gentle strength of character, inspiration and personal growth, and being open to receiving the change that the universe has to offer.

May the messages be carried with you in your day-to-day, and may that bring you peace & comfort.

Card One: 

Strength - Major Arcana Card VIII 
Deity Associations: Apollo, Helios
Astrological Association: Leo

This card represents a time that needs gentle strength, calmness, fortitude and quiet personal power. It reminds us that brute force is not necessary, but rather the use of wise-personal power, self control, intuition, determination and strength of character. 
Do not give in to feelings of helplessness, fear or doubt... 
Sometimes the strongest thing we can do is have confidence in ourselves and our own personal power. Be strong enough to work calmly, with control and determination through any challenges you may be facing. 

Card Two: 

The Star - Major Arcana Card XVII 
Deity Associations: Star Goddess, Astrea, Venus, Isis, Ishtar, Nuit, Thoth
Astrological Association: Aquarius

This is the card of hope, inner peace, creativity, and healing. When this beautiful, tranquil card reveals itself in a reading, it is a sign that physical and emotional healing is on the way. Have hope, follow your dreams and your wishes will be granted. 
Throw out feelings or thoughts of self doubt or pessimism; these are your spiritual blocks.
This card speaks of inspiration. Regroup and find your inspiration again. Your creativity will flow like the ebb and flow of the pure element of water, better than ever before.. Be gentle with yourself and your self-talk. The Star illustrates a softer, gentler magick and indicates that you will be working successfully with your intuitive gifts. By allowing your inspiration and creativity to flow freely, those around you will also be inspired. 
That is your gift. 

Card Three: 

Eight of Cups~ 
This card symbolizes the need to move on in your life. The need to move forward might be a physical relocation, or this may be representative of an emotional shift. Either way, the message of the Eight of Cups should be honored. If your move is emotional or spiritual, then set some healthy boundaries, put the past behind you and go forward with determination to a better, happier, healthier place. If you are physically moving, changing your career, etc., This card is telling you to go forward with your head held high and enjoy the positive changes coming your way. Follow your gut and be open to changes in your life, on what ever level this message holds weight to you in your life. 

~*~*~* Blessed Be! ~*~*~*~

Until next time,

~MoonsWay )O(

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