Monday, October 27, 2014

A Water Spell to Increase Psychic Awareness

Magic with the elements is instinctual in my practice. At any instant, I can stop what I am doing and have all that I may need readily available. With focus, visualization, and with practice at being able to find your "core", your built-in, primal powers, anything can be manifested and attained.

You just must believe it to be so.

Today, I share with you a simple rite to increase psychic awareness that involves using the element of water.

You will need:
A nearby stream
An offering (a coin of your choice, bread, wine, etc. Follow your heart on this.)
Yourself, barefoot. (I try to practice all of my magic barefoot, if not sky-clad. But if weather does not allow, or if you are just not comfortable doing so, no worries.)

Go to a slow-moving stream. Sit for a moment next to the stream.... Feel its current, collect some rocks and make a simple mosaic with them if you would like. The goal here is to feel the connection with your natural surroundings.

When you are ready, bury your offering of choice at the base of a nearby tree. If you brought wine, pour a little on the ground and then take a sip yourself.

Choose a branch and ask the tree for a sacrifice. (Use your own words.. let your instincts guide you. It can be simple, or elaborate. It can rhyme or simple be a one-line question. You choose. )

 ** It is important to note that, anytime we take something from a living plant, we explain our intentions and/or ask the tree first, and then say our thanks for the sacrifice.**

Gently pluck 3 leaves, then say your thanks to the tree.

Hold the leaves flat between your palms.

Now, visualize yourself being psychic.. however that vision works for you in your mind.
{This works best for me with my eyes closed.}
See you living the life of a psychic.. People coming to you, you predicting events, your thoughts becoming reality. Imagine what life would truly be like as a psychic, and see yourself living it.
Know it to be true.

Visualize a door at the top of your head opening up. Ask the gods, goddesses, and the spirit guides to send you their white light of divination, of sixth sight, of the third eye. Ask that your psychic abilities be activated, as you are now ready, open and willing to responsibly use them.

Visualize the white light streaming down from the heavens, and into your door.

When you are ready, push your newly awakened power into the leaves. Imagine the light, lighting up the leaves in your palm... Lining their edges, their veins, and filling them in until they are completely consumed in your light.

Set one of the leaves afloat on the water and say a prayer as it sets off....

(use your own words or use these)

Leaf afloat, Leaf so green, Help me to see, All that is unseen. 

Launch a second leaf, then repeat your prayer.

Send the third leaf off with the same prayer.

The combination of the leaf infused with your psychic-power, and they psychic-inducing power of the water, work in harmony to bring your needs into manifestation.

Stand and watch the leaves until they are no longer in sight.

Say allowed or to yourself...

And so it is done. So mote it be. 

~*~*~*~*~*~ Blessings ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~MoonsWay )O(

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