Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumnal Morning - A witch's poem

Sky so black and ebony,
Morning sips of hot tea.
Oh sweet melody
Please come to me...

The rain falls heavy,
Autumn has begun.
We will sit in our windows
Daydreaming of all we have done.

From digging, to harvesting,
To preserving and baking.
From drying to cooking,
To late night creating.

Stepping out onto the earth,
I feel her beckoning me,
Her connection keeps me grounded,
Focused, and Free.

Barefoot and humble,
Sweet earth beneath my feet.
The wind picks up,
Gleefully welcoming me.

So I dance.
And dance.
The magic's so sweet.
The power within me
Awakens with the beat.

So I will relish this moment
This moment in time.
My heart feels so full,
My aura divine.

Feeling this moment,
Sweet silence in the air
Rain drops kiss my face,
The breeze plays with my hair.

This feeling of Awe,
Peaceful epiphanies do creep,
Tingling with magic,
Up my body
Through my feet.

I feel you
Dear Goddess,
Mother to us all,
Wash me with your Presence,
Please hear my call.

Dear Father of Time,
Awaken from your sleep,
Shower my path with your blessings,
And your blessings,
I will keep.

Blessed Be.

~MoonsWay )O(

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