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Herbal Magic - Magical Uses for Basil

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Magical Uses:

Fire Magic
The soothing scent of basil can be used to calm quarrels between lovers. It is a common ingredient in love incenses and the leaves can be rubbed on the skin to make the wearer more noticeable to a prospective lover. Sprinkle basil in your bath or over your heart to ensure that your love will remain faithful.

From Cunningham:
Basil is also used in love divinations. Place two fresh basil leave upon a live coal. If they lie where you put them and burn quickly to ashes, the marriage (or relationship) will be harmonious. If there is a certain amount of crackling, the life of the pair will be disturbed by quarrels. If the leaves fly apart with fierce crackling, the projected relationship is undesirable.
Basil carried in the pocket, the wallet, or the purse will draw wealth. Putting a few leaves in the drawer of a cash register or under the doormat will bring prosperity and customers to a place of business. Add it to money-drawing incenses, too.
Old Proverb:
Where basil grows, no evil goes.
Strew basil under the rug or hide a little sachet of it in each room to keep out any and all negative energy or malevolent spirits. A spritz bottle of basil water will have the same effect. Include it in incenses for purification, or add it to a bath for these same purposes. Give a basil plant as a housewarming gift to bless and bring good luck to a new home.
Practical/Medicinal Uses:
Like many other members of the mint family, basil is a good soother for stomach problems and possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. As a bath additive, it can relieve pain from sore muscles and stiff joints, though it may leave you smelling like pesto for a while! (Note: Do not consume basil in amounts larger than normally used for seasoning if you take insulin or oral medications for diabetes.)
Folk Names: Albahaca, American Dittany, Common Basil, “Our Herb,” St Joseph’s Wort, Sweet Basil, Witches Herb, Njilika, Balanoi, Feslien, Tulasi, Tulsi

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