Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Present is Our Present - A Witch's Poem to her Soul Mate

Take me to your wild fire,
Clothe me in your warm desire,
Feel my touch
My throbbing heart,
Never shall our spirits part.

Through lifetimes and ages,
Our love's sweet divine,
We'll continue our journey,
Through the vortex's of time.

Our hopes and dreams,
We live them now,
Our Present beings,
My love, I vow.

Our body and souls,
Entwined in our Union,
Our hearts and thoughts,
Stay drunk with sweet passion.

It does not take much,
My passion for you..
It grows with each encounter,
Each day we live through.

This time, this day, this very hour,
We must pay homage to our love,
Recognize its power.

For with this power, Our love creates,
We can break walls,
Move mountains,
Break through obstacles or gates.

So my promise to the Goddesses & Gods
From the source of all light & life,
Is to thank them each day for our love,
And to appreciate this very moment in Time.

I vow to be Present.

I love you.

With Endless Love & Light,

~MoonsWay )O(

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